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36 Awesome Pricing Pages in Software

Looking for some inspiration for your new pricing page? Check out 36 of our favorites below:

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Best of Crayon This Week - Direct Response

Welcome to the Best of Crayon. The content here can also been seen in our weekly newsletter so if you like what you see be sure to subscribe! This week’s theme is “direct response”

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The Data Suggests Focusing on Visual Marketing in 2016

You need to be doing a better job at visual marketing this year. More visuals, more testing, more optimization. Don’t take our word for it, the data speaks for itself, here are a few recent stats/articles we wanted to share!

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50 Headlines Containing 5 Words or Less

Concise headlines are a struggle for a number of marketing teams. While the purpose of copywriting is to quickly convince a visitor to take an action, too many times websites are overloaded with superflouous copy and boring industry jargon.

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