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The Exclusive Club Every Employee Wants to Join

There’s a page on your website that every employee wants to be a part of; it’s true. It’s not the homepage or the testimonial page or even the culture page, it’s the team page. Your team page is like an exclusive club that only your employees get to join. When companies grow to 50 employees, 250, 500, often time people will think they now work for a “big company.”They think now they’re just getting lost in the noise and that the company’s sense of community has been diminished. But think about it for a second, there are roughly 7,000,000,000 people in the world today. If your company has 2,000 employees, that’s 0.00003% of the population - pretty exclusive in the grand scheme of things. 

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Are You Crayon Material? Is Crayon You Material? (We’re Hiring)

Jonah and I are building the early team at Crayon. We’re looking for a few engineers to join us in building something big.

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The Crayon Launch & New Product Hunt Marketing Design Channel

Crayon is the most comprehensive marketing design search engine on the web. It’s the new way for marketers to get great ideas about what to build. 

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What We’re Up To At Crayon

Crayon is the most massive collection of marketing designs on the web. It’s an inspiration tool for anyone who builds stuff for the web.

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