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How and Why to Learn from Aspirational Competitors

"We are disruptors in our space, we don't have direct competitors."


Many times I have heard that statement, especially from startups, and it has been followed by the refrain that looking at competitors doesn’t matter. But does that mean you have nothing to learn from other companies? Does that mean you don’t compete for attention? No company exists in a vacuum, and it can often be the less direct competitors and the broader market forces that can provide great insight and inspiration.

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8 Key Product Marketing Metrics: Marketing Leaders Weigh In On What To Track

The challenge of measuring product marketing success is not a new one. Nearly every marketing leader I’ve asked about measuring product marketing impact has stated how difficult it is. Especially with marketing moving more and more in the direction of data-driven decisions and results, it becomes quite the challenge when marketers are unable to attribute tangible results to a team’s effort.

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How to Make Product Marketing Strategic: Start with Understanding the Market

On a scale of 1 to 4, is your product marketing function the quarterback or the waterboy? That was the question that came out of last week’s Product Marketing Conference, where many presenters spoke about the role of product marketing and how this function can have the greatest impact on the business. 

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Trends from the 1,000 Best Landing Pages [New Data]

Landing pages are a critical component of any marketer's strategy. They represent a tipping point, the point of conversion where a prospect becomes a lead or a lead becomes a user. An improvement to a landing page can drive significant, tangible business results.

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