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The Importance Of Competitive Intelligence for Startups - How and Why to Get Buy-In

No matter the size of the organization, every business should have a competitive intelligence strategy. Larger organizations will typically have a well-rounded strategy team to handle their competitive analyses, but a small startup likely doesn't have the resources to build out a whole CI team, especially in the early stages. While it may be difficult to balance competitive intelligence against the many other initiatives of a rapidly growing startup, CI is essential for a startup to disrupt, dominate, or create a market. Let’s take a look at what it takes to integrate competitive intelligence into a startup business strategy.

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Communicating Competitive Intel: Why Your Intranet and Slack Alone Won’t Cut It

The following post was written by Julie Carey, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Akamai Technologies. Julie has a decade of B2B technology marketing experience and has led product marketing teams at startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. When she's not mapping plans to launch new products or campaigns, you might find Julie running along the Charles River in Boston or researching her next great book club read.

If you’re like thousands of marketers across the globe, you want to shake up your headache-inducing competitive intelligence program and create a new approach. Maybe this year you got the coveted headcount for a role completely dedicated to it. Maybe it’s an ‘OKR’ for you or your team among many others. Maybe last year you got some ideas together, but that initial work is sitting in the intern’s Google Drive.

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No matter what your situation is, there are some common communications traps and pitfalls you can avoid. Here’s a high-level look at those and some new ways to rethink old school CI techniques. 

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The Next Generation Of Intelligence - Takeaways From SCIP 2018

The theme of the 33rd Annual Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) International Conference & Exhibition was Next Generation Intelligence. The conference was a week filled with educational sessions, workshops, and networking among the top market intelligence (MI) and competitive intelligence (CI) professionals. This year was Crayon’s first year participating in the conference, and we gained a lot of valuable insight into the current state of the industry, hot topics, and where CI is heading.

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Are You Tracking These Top 10 Types of Competitive Intelligence?

When you think of tracking your competitors, what do you think of? Reading up on their product pages, getting feedback from customers, maybe even reading online reviews of their products.

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