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If There’s One Thing Your Business Should Focus On, It’s Your Conversion Rates. Here’s Why…

Goutham Bhadri (@gbhadri) is the CEO of Marketing Samurai, a digital marketing firm that helps businesses gain customers online by increasing traffic and website conversions. Through his help, his clients understand how to generate recurring revenue and automate their inbound marketing to scale their business in a smart, strategic manner. If you’re interested in getting more customers, maximizing lifetime-customer-value (LTV) and scaling your business, set up a free business consultation at Marketing Samurai or follow Goutham on Twitter @mktgsamurai or Facebook for digital marketing tips.

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Redesigns of the day June 21, 2016

1. A Landing Page on glowtouch.com


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3 Ways to Write Headlines That Turn Heads

The following is a guest post by Kimberly Crossland (@SavvyCopywriter), founder at The Savvy Copywriter, LLC. Kimberly is a fierce and curious writer, marketing wonk, and Vice President and Communications chair at the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce.

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4 Before & After Copywriting Tweaks to Increase Conversions

I’ve been known to write a hard-hitting, cognitively intense copywriting tutorial or two.

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