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9 Market Research Tools That Every Analyst Should Explore

Conducting market research likely feels impossible if you don’t have the right market research tools. Finding the right assets that fit your needs can be a battle, especially when there is an endless number of resources available, and even more being released regularly. On top of that, there are new breakthroughs in your market every day. To ensure that you are gathering up-to-date information across your entire market, you want to make sure that you’re utilizing resources that have different objectives such as trend tracking, social media and keyword monitoring, survey capabilities, and audience analysis. Here’s our roundup of some great market research tools that will help you get the most out of your research.  

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Competitive Intelligence Applications for Marketers, Product Managers, & More

When it comes to competitive intelligence, collecting data is a critical, or more importantly, collecting valuable data. There is a mass of constantly changing and increasing data on the internet about movements in every industry, on company websites, social sites, job boards, review sites, and many more. But how do you organize and sort through the data to make it relevant to different teams across an organization? How do you make sure data about website updates goes to digital marketers, competitor blog posts go to content marketers, and roadmap updates are shown to product managers? Each organization needs efficient ways to filter through CI data to spend less time sorting and more time sharing, analyzing, and acting on valuable insights. Here are a few ways to sort the incoming data into sharable and organizable pieces.

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When Amazon Acquired Ring, How Did ADT and Google Respond? [A CI Case Study]

If human survival is a marriage of two primal verbs, “hunt” and “gather,” then competitive intelligence is a marriage of two modern verbs, “notice” and “know.” Competitive intelligence helps you detect reverberations outside the four walls of your business. If you’re a CI manager, you’ll observe and study. When one business makes a move—acquiring another company, for example—you’ll not only remember the last two moves its competitor made, you’ll watch for what’s about to unfold.

Now, a story of home security, web-connected home thermostats, and an Amazon acquisition.

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The Importance Of Competitive Intelligence for Startups - How and Why to Get Buy-In

No matter the size of the organization, every business should have a competitive intelligence strategy. Larger organizations will typically have a well-rounded strategy team to handle their competitive analyses, but a small startup likely doesn't have the resources to build out a whole CI team, especially in the early stages. While it may be difficult to balance competitive intelligence against the many other initiatives of a rapidly growing startup, CI is essential for a startup to disrupt, dominate, or create a market. Let’s take a look at what it takes to integrate competitive intelligence into a startup business strategy.

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