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Color Palettes Added to Crayon!

Dan Slagen on Tue, Jun 23, 2015

We have a great new feature to announce for all users of Crayon, the addition of color palettes! 

Here’s how it works

Next time you’re using Crayon, start as you normally would by identifying the type of page you’d like to see. In the scenario below, I’m looking for all pages related to Shopify, of which there are 27 examples. 


Once you find a design you like, click to access additional information on the page. Now, you’ll be able to see in the bottom right corner a section entitled “Palette” as seen below.


This new feature will help you as a marketer start to identify various color patterns that work well together. In addition, color palette research can be helpful when performing a competitive or industry analysis during a website redesign or general research project. 

Here are 7 ways to use color palettes to your benefit!

  1. Compare and contrast color patterns that work well together
  2. Perform competitive or industry analysis 
  3. Run landing page tests to identify the best converting patterns
  4. Test various color patterns in social media ads to measure highest CTR
  5. Measure which color patterns increase user time on site
  6. Test to see if certain color patterns increase or decrease bounce rate
  7. Engage your customer audience to see what patterns they like best (especially interesting if you are a SaaS company)

So the next time you’re on Crayon, make sure to check out color palettes. We hope you enjoy this new feature along your path of design inspiration! 

Access Crayon Now! 

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