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Trends from the 1,000 Best Landing Pages [New Data]

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Ellie Mirman on Wed, May 31, 2017

Landing pages are a critical component of any marketer's strategy. They represent a tipping point, the point of conversion where a prospect becomes a lead or a lead becomes a user. An improvement to a landing page can drive significant, tangible business results.

The best marketers are constantly testing and iterating on their work, and that includes their landing pages. That's why it's so interesting and informative to learn from the best - it gives us insight into how they're iterating and investing and gives us a hint at where marketing is going next.

We recently took a look at the top 1,000+ landing pages of 2016 in Crayon Inspire based on user engagement. The pages analyzed span 30+ industries, large companies and small, everything from ebook pages to app pages. Check out some of the key trends below, or download the full report here.


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