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7 Ways to Design Your Squarespace Login Page

Posted by Dan Slagen on Thu Sep 10, 2015 08:58 AM

If you’re using a Squarespace template to design your website, odds are you’ve been able to find a few examples of home pages that you like to help you design your site. But what about an interior page like your Squarespace login page?

Squarespace login page

The login page isn’t one that designers and marketers think about too often, nor is a page where a lot of examples exist for inspiration…until now! 

We compiled a list of 15 different login pages all built on Squarespace for you to access with Crayon. Here we go! 

1.) The “fun” Squarespace login page


For those brands that don’t take themselves too seriously, taking a lighter approach to your login page can be a fun way to connect with your users. While not every industry has the luxury of using “humor” in their web design, those that do should take advantage! 

2.) The “opportunistic” Squarespace login page


If people are going to go to your login page, you might as well test a few top of the funnel lead gen offers. You can try including links to Ebooks, upcoming webinars or events that you want your users to know about.

3.) The “multiple options” Squarespace login page


Not every user who logs in to your website needs or wants to do the same thing. If there are ways to offer variety to make the user experience more personalized, it’s worth taking the time to build out a few options. 

4.) The “reminder” Squarespace login page


Most companies are proud of their heritage. Whether it be because they’re helping people save money/time, decreasing waste on our planet or doing anything else to make life better, reminding users about it is a nice way to enhance brand perception. What better page to use for your reminders than the login page, right before someone enjoys (hopefully) using your product!

5.) The “super secure” Squarespace login page


For those brands noticeably using a CMS template, sometimes it’s helpful to reiterate how secure user accounts are, which can be done on the login page. Offering a multi-step login process can be annoying, but also reassuring, giving users added peace of mind before they login.

6.) The “straightforward” Squarespace login page


Hey, for some people, just having the login page is enough to make them happy. Don’t feel like you “have” to do anything with your login page, especially if the main objective is to get users logged in quickly without any distraction. Keep in mind though, you can run a small test, comparing user activity when shown an example like #6 vs. #2 (or any of the other examples) for increased overall engagement.

7.) The “FOMO” Squarespace login page


For people that land on your login page who aren’t existing members/customers, remind them what they’re missing out on! They’re right at your front door, all you need to do is give them a reason to walk in.

To see all of the designs featured in this article (and more), visit our Squarespace login page collection on Crayon!

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