Get Complete Competitive Insights

Monitor a competitor's complete digital footprint. Catch any update on or off their website.

  • Track 100+ data types automatically on a software platform
  • Catch everything from product and pricing to customer and employee reviews to content and campaigns launched
  • Review your full competitive portfolio on a single dashboard

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Intel Categories

Focus on the Highest Priority Updates

Insights are categorized and prioritized on a single dashboard so you can focus on connecting the dots of your competitors' strategies.

  • Easily filter by data type, company, keyword, and more
  • Save your favorite views to monitor specific trends or hone in on intel specific to your role
  • Centralize intel to connect the dots and spot trends early

Collaborate and Share Intel

Discuss insights with coworkers and drive key action items across product, marketing, sales, services, and executive teams.

  • Discuss the latest intel with coworkers through comments
  • Star key items to revisit later or easily filter for critical intel
  • Share insights by email or PDF, or export to CSV for deeper analysis and reporting